If it doesn't delight, it ain't right

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How much time do you spend using a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone?

Quite a bit right? Yeah we thought so. You can't avoid it. Technology is everywhere. It's the backbone of the modern world. If it's done right it can be an absolute joy to use, or, well, it can literally ruin your day.

Our Services

Fresh Spec

Got an idea or need a problem solving? Give us your requirements and we'll draw up a timelime, costs and featureset. Then make it happen.

Parachute Consultancy

You've got a project, that's over time, over budget, with half the features missing and no end in sight. We have the parachutes.

Defensive Training

Anyone can build a prototype, technology that scales is a different matter. We can teach your engineers to predict and deal with operational problems.

We don't stop there. We build Clubhouse too.

Our people

Patrick & Dan

We're based in the North West of England.

Give us a call on 0161 660 2690, drop us an email at info@qmtech.net, or just stop by for a cup of tea.